A Socially Responsible Music Institution: Inspirations and Recommendations – publication

The purpose of this release is to compile observations, opinions, inspirations and examples of activities pertaining to the social responsibility of a music institution. In the publication, we sought to aggregate conclusions from the conversations, reads and activities in which we participated as part of the “Interactions/Integrations” project, and to articulate recommendations for symphony orchestras and music ensembles that aspire to become a socially responsible organization. We thus present our take at the motivations, conditions and potential for enhancing the social dimension of the professional activity of musicians, as well as that of the institutions and artistic ensemble within which they operate.

This publication is primarily addressed to individuals who contribute or wish to contribute to music organizations together with others. They are those whose focus is or will be on social responsibility, considered within the framework of their daily activities and integrated with their artistic practice, which constitutes the primary mission of an orchestra, ensemble, and community of musicians working as part of an artistic institution employing professionals in this field of art. Other cultural institutions and organizations, such as theater companies, museums, galleries, foundations and associations that have already implemented or wish to start implementing social responsibility measures are also welcome to consult this study.

Authors: Marcin Poprawski, Agata Wittchen-Barełkowska
Expert collaboration: Marta Szymańska
Translated by: Józef Jaskulski
Proofreading: Anna Wawrzyniak
Graphic design: Minimum Studio
Published by: Sinfonia Varsovia

© Copyright by Sinfonia Varsovia, Warszawa 2024
ISBN 978-83-932183-4-9

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