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Concerts for children: “Pictures from Norway”

Andrzej Krzyżanowski flute
Paulina Sochaj oboe
Radosław Soroka clarinet
Piotr Kamiński bassoon
Henryk Kowalewicz French horn
Laurens Weinhold Hardanger fiddle
Erling Ragnar Eriksenpiano
Malina Sarnowskahost

On 2 and 3 June 2022, a series of concerts for children took place at the Zofia Golewska School and Educational Centre for Visually Impaired Children, Youth Center Grochów, and Special Needs School No. 91.

The interaction with Norwegian music became the inspiration for literary workshops for children. The resulting poems were presented at a family concert with Basil The Dragon on 11 June.

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